I would like to explain a little why I take part in nature photography, and what kind of equipment I use.

Everything began with my first journeys. For journeys to Canada and Iceland I have bought my first camera equipment (Canon T70 + zooms). Those photos were at that time simple vacation memories without higher requirement.
Then, however, I more and more enjoyed to take photograps, and the praise as well as the demand for photo prints by fellow travelers were a further motivation to develop this hobby.
Now, I nearly always photograph a lot, for example at the Lahne-Valley and in the closer environment.

I photograph at present with Canon DSLM cameras, RF- and EF lenses from 24 to 600mm.
I use tripods, heads and quickrelease plates of Gitzo, Cartoni, Heiler, Novoflex, Kirk and RRS.

Transport takes place with different backpacks and bags from Ortlieb/Koenig, a Zargesbox and a Pelicase - depending upon environmental influences, transportation facilities and quantity of the transported equipment.
In addition also flashlight, reflector, filter etc.

In the "digital darkroom" I work with Windows 10, IrfanView, Photoshop CS6, Helicon Fokus, PTGui and different plugins. I store the digital data on several, also external hard disks (data security).
I photograph in camera-raw and store my pictures as unsharpened and untrimmed TIFF file and as finished work on JPEG file.

Have fun with my picture galleries!
Carsten Busse
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